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Digital Communication Project

Web 2.0 and EFL Young Learners




For many reasons, teachers avoid using digital tools in class.They may be time consuming and not user friendly and the internet connectivity may not work. However, such tools proved to be appealing to students and very effective as well. Through digital activites, students will practice/review content and be assessed by the teacher.  In this wiki, you will find activities developed in order to enable you to effectively use some of these webtools in class and eventually feel comfortable enough to explore many more. (Cleide Nascimento)


All teachers are invited to collaborate and be part of this  project by using the ideas in this wiki and sending suggestions and  insights.In order to do that, you just need to use the space at the bottom.The key aspect of this project is that the lessons presented here can be easily adapted to any topic and any book. (Dani Lyra)



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